Save Timmons Temple Fundraising Efforts Ramp Up

By Chris Eidson

Published 06/08 2014 09:15PM

Updated 06/08 2014 11:04PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The race is on to raise enough money to move the Timmons Temple church building in Springfield.

The building and the land it sits on have been sold to an apartment developer.

Now, there's an effort to get the historic structure moved instead of demolished.

This started back in early spring when city council re-zoned the land to make way for micro-efficiency apartments.

But the church has stood on that land for almost a century and the community hopes to move it to nearby Silver Springs Park.

"This place is special to me, very special to me," Former Church Member Yvette McDaniel said, "I grew up in this church and when my sons were born they were Christened in this church."

But the physical reminder of all those years might soon be gone forever.

"When it all started hitting the paper about tearing it down it was an emotional moment," she said.

The church and the land it was built on in 1932 have been sold and the church set to be demolished.

So members of the community are trying to raise money to move the building to nearby Silver Springs Park.

From the temple's current location on Webster it's about a block down the street to the park where they want to move it.

That will take about 250,000 dollars of which they've raised about 130,000 dollars.

Events like the open house Sunday are part of the effort to raise both additional money and awareness.

"We say we're all about saving our black culture and our black historical landmarks and all that, well this is one of them," McDaniel said.

Former church member Ethel Johnson took time Sunday to reflect on this building and its importance in her life.

"When my daughter was two she took her first steps here at Timmons, so that's always going to be very special," she said.

She snapped a few pictures, in case it's her last chance.

There are a few ways you can help contribute if you'd like to do so.

The deadline has been moved to July 14, to give them more time to try to raise the money.

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