Three Children Without Parents as Father in Jail for Murdering Their Mother

WEBSTER COUNTY, Mo.--A man is in the Webster County Jail charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of his wife and mother-in-law at their home near Marshfield.

On Tuesday, KOLR10 reported that the shooting was the result of a custody dispute that has now left three children without a mother or grandmother.

According to the probable cause statement, Kenneth Livingston admits to bringing a gun to his in-law's house but says he fired gunshots in self-defense. 

Down the long gravel road and behind the trees, an unspeakable tragedy happened at the home of Kristee and Scott Bedgood. It's where deputies responded to reports of a shooting while relatives made birthday plans for Kristee.

"On the way to the scene, we made contact with the suspect who had also called 911. We detained him while en route there and we continued to the scene not knowing exactly what we had going on," says Sheriff Roye Cole, Webster County Sheriff's Office. 

That suspect is Kenneth Livingston. According to the probable cause statement, he's responsible for murdering his wife, Lindsey Livingston and his mother-in-law, Kristee Bedgood. 

It all took place with his three children ages two, five, and nine in other parts of the house. This after being denied the chance to take them to Sonic.

"The family on scene of the now deceased felt that if he had taken the kids there to Sonic that he would keep them and they wouldn't be able to maintain custody of the children," says Sheriff Cole. 

According to the probable cause statement, Kenneth admits his request sparked a confrontation that involved Scott who is Lindsey's father.

Kenneth claims Scott pointed a gun at him with Lindsey and Kristee standing in between. 

He alleges he fired his own gun several times in self-defense, but authorities say evidence shows otherwise.

Webster County Prosecuting Attorney, Ben Berkstresser says the incident on Tuesday will have a lasting impact on the children. 

"Any family, this one or any other, where now both parents are going to be unavailable to these children in a very difficult time.  I imagine it will have trauma on them for a very long time," says Berkstresser. 

Scott Bedgood was also hit in the shooting while firing shots at Livingston to protect his family. His condition is improving.

If found guilty of murder, Livingston could be sentenced to the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

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