The Vapor Scene Has Moved Into Booze With The Vapshot

Published 07/25 2014 04:29PM

Updated 07/27 2014 07:51PM

Vapshot, from manufacturer Vaportini, makes it to where you no longer have to sit through the mundane task of your body metabolizing liquor. Now you just breathe it almost directly into your bloodstream, instantly saturating your organs in booze. It vaporizes the alcohol in a standard serving size, like a shot, making it easier to quantify the amount of alcohol you’re consuming for people leery of inhaling too much.

Why it Matters: Always on the search for a new experience, we migrate from one sensory indulgence to another. Vapor has been slowly becoming more apparent on the restaurant scene over the past two years, and as the e-cigarette becomes more mainstream, companies are looking for ways to cash in on vapor madness. Using multiple angles such as a sensory experience, convenience and health benefits, strategies are emerging surrounding vaporized food and beverages for both the curious and the experimental.

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