The Rise of the "Microadventure"

Published 08/15 2014 09:47PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:50PM

Item: Fitting snugly somewhere between the “staycation” and the weekend getaway, the new “microadventure” focuses on breaking routine. It means you are doing something outside of your personal “box” in order to give you that uplifting recharged feeling—the sort of thing that it usually takes longer vacations to achieve. We’re finding that hitting a museum, camping or spending a day in a local hotel all allow us to break out of our own mold, and put us in the category of the “microadventurer.”

Why it Matters: Not everyone wants or needs to make the grand gesture, but there is growing recognition that we need to push ourselves once in a while in order to be satisfied. It’s as though a quick venture out of our daily routine reminds us to appreciate what we have, while at the same time introducing us to something new that we may love—maybe even enough to do it again. After years of working to fit in, people are finding that giving themselves permission to break out of the routine once in a while actually helps them define themselves better than ever.

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