Teens Losing their Drive

Published 02/15 2014 11:40AM

Updated 02/21 2014 05:40AM

We’ve heard that fewer teens are racing to the DMV to get their driver’s licenses—many would prefer a souped-up smart phone to a souped-up ride.  But other factors weigh in: namely, the economy, and a shift in personal preference.

Unemployment is high among teens, which means paying for a car, insurance and fuel is simply not possible. Also, Generation Y appears to be more open to finding transportation alternatives, like bikes, buses and walking, because they want to spend less time behind the wheel.  Some claim they don’t drive due to adverse effects on the environment, but far more admit they blew off getting a license because they simply haven’t found the time.

Generation C, the wave of kids behind the Millennials, are focused on one thing and that is staying connected. As brands begin switching gears to try and advertise to these newcomers they’re having a hard time due to Gen C’s high value of social connectivity—one that doesn’t revolve around social media. Being able to be connected without having to physically be there is a new normal for these guys. They see connectivity in what they share—not where they are.

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