TechFoodHack Event

Published 05/31 2014 02:23PM

Updated 06/03 2014 09:03AM

Item: Printing food has never felt like it has been fully realized. Sure, we have custom made food printers for chefs, and they’re great for pastry decoration and creating new forms, but they’ve always seemed, well, just beyond the point of fully unlocking their potential. The TechFoodHack Event aims to change that. The first event of its kind brought people from every industry involved to get together and brainstorm new uses (and how to improve existing uses) of food printers.

Why it Matters: 3D printing is now being used across almost every industry in the world as more and more people—CEOs and entrepreneurs alike—find fresh uses for this versatile invention. It would make sense, then, that we start having DEFCON-style food hacking conventions that read like something out of a foodie fever dream from 30 years in the future. 3D printing has the chance to revolutionize food in a way that we’ve never seen. Printing any flavor you can think of in any form that you want is just the tip of the iceberg.

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