Tax-Free Weekend: How Much Can You Save?

By Lindsay Clein

Published 07/31 2014 09:33PM

Updated 08/01 2014 04:28AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  If you shop this weekend, you won't have to pay state sales tax on back-to-school purchases on things like clothing, school supplies and shoes. 

Families in the Ozarks will be able to save some cash because school supplies and other back-to-school necessities will be tax-free.

"Tax free weekend-- it's Friday, Saturday, and Sunday," says Staples General Manager Steve Smith.  "They're going to save roughly eight percent when they come into the store this weekend."

Tax-free weekend is almost here.

"Fantastic time to buy computers, to buy software for your computers, peripherals that hook up to computers, and of course buy your school supplies," Smith says.

KOLR10 News did the math and found if you bought a back-pack, spiral notebook, and pack of pens at Staples today-- it would cost $58.62.  If you wait until tax free weekend, it would be $54.48-- saving a total of $4.14 on those three items.

"It's a good time to make a big purchase," says Smith.  "Or if you're anticipating buying back to school items -- now is a good time to buy this weekend."

Shoppers are gearing up to steal good deals.

"Back to school items are up to $50 in purchases," says Smith.  "It's for any computer up to $3,500-- including tablets, it's for computer software up to $350 and also for any peripherals up to $350 as well that hook up to the computer."

Springfield and several other cities opted out of tax-free weekend-- meaning you will still have to pay city and county taxes, just state tax will be exempt.  Staples, however, is one store that will take off the equivalent of city sales tax.

A little savings on a lot of stuff over this tax-free weekend will go a long way.

"As a teacher, we spend lots of money throughout the year on things the school doesn't necessarily cover or extra special things for students," says Shopper and Teacher Lauren Wilson.  "And every single penny helps."   

"They're going to save quite a bit this weekend," says Smith.

Tax-free weekend begins at midnight and goes through Sunday.

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