SWEPCO Transmission Line Saga Far From Over

By Grant Sloan | gsloan@kolr10.com

Published 06/10 2014 04:14PM

Updated 06/13 2014 09:14AM

NORTHERN ARKANSAS -- The SWEPCO saga in Arkansas appears to be far from over.

The Arkansas Public Service Commission has granted a rehearing for a multi-million dollar power line that would cut across the state.

Before Tuesday’s announcement, Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) had been granted a 56-mile path for a transmission line that would run across parts of northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.

Following that decision both SWEPCO, and those against the line, filed for a rehearing.

Now that the re-hearing has been granted, the route that would run along the state line is off the table.

Both sides will now be allowed to submit evidence for their respective causes at a series of public hearings with dates to be announced.

UPDATE 6/13/14:

SWEPCO spokesman Peter Main provided the following response to KOLR10 News:

"...the story says that the route that would have run along the state line is off the table. To clarify, the APSC vacated the granting of the certificate for that route, known as Route 109, which includes segments in Arkansas and Missouri. The order did not remove any routes from future consideration but said the parties should provide additional evidence on SWEPCO’s proposed routes. SWEPCO’s efforts will continue to focus on Arkansas, as we have done in seeking reconsideration of our preferred Route 33 in Benton and Carroll Counties, Ark.
The report also refers to “a series of public hearings,” but we do not yet know what the APSC will include in its procedural schedule."

See the company's full news release, attached above this story.

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