Surveillance Video: Two Men Steal Gas Out of Church Van

OZARK, Mo. -- Wednesday evening, it was worship as usual at Victory Baptist Church in Ozark.  

"They are not going to stop us," said Junior Henry, the trustee at the church. "It's just aggravating that someone can come here and do something like that." 

Tuesday morning around 4 a.m., surveillance cameras caught two men draining the gas out of the church van parked behind the building and transferring it into their own car. 

"We need that van to pick up the kids, and here they drained all the gas out of it," Henry said. 

He said the thieves spent 24 minutes out there. 

Katrina Green, the secretary of the church, said the men used a five-gallon bucket to transfer the fuel. 

"They found the bucket in the shed," she said. 

"And they cut my water hose back there, so they could siphon the gas," Henry said.  "They didn't bring anything with them, we furnished it all." 

The Christian County Sheriff's office says $30 worth of gas was stolen, but to these members, including  Green, this case is worth much more than that. 

"It felt like they were violating my home, they're in my safe spot," she said. 

Her family attended this church since she was just a child 

"My family joined in 1963," she said. "I don't remember ever having to lock the doors, you could go right on in." 

Things have changed a lot since; not even a sign in front of the church entrance warning or cameras were enough to stop the thieves. 

The camera system was installed after something similar has happened before at Victory Baptist in 2017 when the church was broken into and the burglars left more than $2,000 worth of damage inside. A fundraiser helped pay for repairs and the church decided to install a camera system.

The surveillance system is paying off this week after it caught the men stealing gas right out of the van parked in behind the building. 

"I'm glad it got that clear view of it. I believe anybody that sees that car is going to know what it is," Henry said. 

Despite their act, whoever these men are, Henry says he'd still invite them in. 

"I'd like to see them coming here to church, instead of going around doing that," he said. 

If you recognize the men in the video.. or if you have any information, you are asked to call the Christian County Sheriff's Office at  (417) 581-2332 or email Sgt. Elliott at  Melliott@christiancountysheriff.Net 

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