Supreme Court Ruling Protested in Springfield

By Linda Ong |

Published 07/01 2014 05:49PM

Updated 07/01 2014 05:56PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- The U.S. Supreme Court ruling on contraceptives prompted a demonstration in Springfield on Tuesday.

Women's rights groups are upset with the ruling, which declared that the Affordable Care Act violated the religious beliefs of Hobby Lobby, by requiring the company to provide free coverage for four specific types of contraceptives. 

Outside the Hobby Lobby on Battlefield Road in Springfield, about 20 people held signs stating their opposition.  Organizers said the ruling was a blow to women's rights, and that employers shouldn't be able to dictate how a woman chooses to protect herself against pregnancy. 

They also argued that the ruling is a dangerous precedent, because another company might decide it doesn't want to cover vaccinations or certain surgeries because of religious beliefs.

The owners of Hobby Lobby, David and Barbara Green, object to certain types of contraceptives; ones that prevent an already fertilized egg from developing any further.

The Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling is limited to only so-called “closely held” private corporations, and does not apply to other types of contraceptive methods.

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