Stronger Student Housing Policy at Drury University in 2015

By Brett Martin |

Published 04/02 2014 06:39AM

Updated 04/02 2014 07:15AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Changes are coming to the Student Housing policy at Drury University to help boost student involvement, but some students say it cost more than its worth.

"It gives them that opportunity to become independent on their own and the opportunity to figure out how to live on their own," says Luke Tewes, a Junior student at Drury.

"I love dorms, like just being able to walk down the hallway and see a bunch of new faces and meeting new people," says Gabe Sandoval, sophomore swimmer.

Freshman Dawson Floyd says if he had a choice, dorm life would not be for him.

"I just don’t think overall the dorm life is so good, I think once you get to the apartments, and you have more control over your living situation its better."

Drury's Student Housing Policy requires all students to live in one of three residence halls or apartment-style housing, unless they meet certain exemptions.

"If they are 21 at the beginning of the school year, if they are married or have a child, if they live at home with a parent or guardian."

Right now, students who live at home within 30 miles are automatically exempt, but starting in 2015, it may not be as automatic.

"We really want those students to go through the same exemption process as the rest of our students."

Dean of Students Dr. Tijuana Julian says Drury has a strong culture of student involvement thanks to the policy.

"You learn a lot when you aren’t in class, when you live with others, you have roommate situations and its really the perfect transition into life after college," explains Dr. Julian.

With three dorms and student apartments, the university can house more than a 1,000 students.

"We have enough to really accommodate the underclass population here at Drury, as well as, any upperclassman that wants to remain on campus."

Dr. Julian says the university offers incentives to living on campus.

"For next year, we have lowered our pricing by 3% in all of our housing pricing."

Right now, the cost of the three dorms is between $5,000-$6,000.

Floyd says while the extra money helps, its not enough to help cover the cost.

"I could save a lot of money by living off campus and I don’t have that option."

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