Staying Safe in Ozark Lakes and Swimming Pools

By Brett Martin |

Published 05/06 2014 06:20AM

Updated 05/06 2014 07:01AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- With the warm temperatures and summer right around the corner, swimming pools and lakes will become popular so learning to stay safe is important.

Darin Hurd and his four-year-old daughter, Roxy, spend every Monday morning learning to conquer the water.

"She looks forward to it every Monday morning and is like oh today is swim lessons, she can't wait to get up and come over."

He says making her safe and comfortable in the water is important.

"We bought a boat last summer so we are spending a lot of time at the lake."

Caitlin Carney is a swim instructor for DiVentures and says starting at an early age is best.

"We do from infant to adult, any age."

She says understanding rules above the water is just as important as below the surface.

"Its really important to pay attention to those signs if you dive and hit your head then you'll have a head injury."

DiVentures also teaches parents like Darin how to help at home.

"You can help them back float in the pool just by holding them and having their head on your shoulder, and you can help them do a Doggie Paddle. We call it reach-and-pull because you are reaching and pulling. You can show them arm motions for that."

While the pool may not be the same as the lake, Carney says knowing what do in case of emergency is key.

"The lakes got a current its even tough for a strong swimmer, even adults can have trouble so make sure you have a life jacket when you're on the boat."

He knows Roxy gets the full experience on their boat after she learned to swim.

"She climbs in and out, and jumps and swims and has a blast."

He would encourage ever parent to consider swim lessons.

"Its something that they'll learn or they'll use or enjoy their whole life."

To learn more about DiVentures and their lessons, you can visit their website at this
link. The Springfield- Greene County Park Board also offer swim lessons as well.

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