Starbucks Develops Wearable Transaction App

Published 08/22 2014 08:10PM

Updated 08/22 2014 08:14PM

ItemStarbucks has developed an Android app called “Wearbucks” that allows users to pay for things on the fly using a smartwatch. The app is free, and once you sync it to your Starbucks account, you are free to proclaim, “Ok Google, start paying for Starbucks,” and through the magic of technology you’ve paid for your coffee. If you don’t feel like announcing to a coffee shop that you’re paying for your coffee, there’s a manual option as well.

Why it Matters: The line between real life and virtual life continues to fade as the technology gets more refined. The latest mash ups between commerce and technology are designed to give consumers a seamless buying experience, which is particularly important as people shed their wallets and move toward tech to pay the bills.

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