St. Louis Woman Attacked in Road Rage Incident

ST. LOUIS--A woman in Arnold, Mo. is recovering from injuries she received in a road rage incident.

Surveillance video was released by police.

"You think you're safe, you're not safe," said the victim of road rage, who asked to not be identified. 

It's surveillance video you can't believe.  First a man repeatedly kicks this woman's car.  What happens next caused doctors to cut her wedding ring off of her finger. 

 "Never in a million years I would have thought the guy would touch me," said the victim. 

The man throws her phone and tackles her after she tried to take a picture of his license plate. 

When he drives off, he nearly runs her over. 

"It's terrifying I don't want to leave."

This woman so fearful she doesn't want us to use her name, but she's desperate for him to be caught.

This all started on her drive home Friday from St. Louis. 

"I couldn't see his headlights the whole way, all I saw is a big truck."  

The woman made a quick decision to pull into somewhere that was well lit and had a lot of people that's how she ended up at Walgreens off of Vogel road 

"He's like 'oh you can't throw things out of your car and get away with it' I said you have the wrong person I didn't throw anything out of my car." 

She's left with dents in her car and injuries to her hands 

"It's my busiest time of year I do hair and I cant use my hands " 

She's begging anyone who recognizes the man or truck to call the police. 

"I don't want to feel unsafe anymore I don't want this to take over and that's what it's doing right now so if anyone can help so we can catch him so he doesn't do this to anyone else either" 

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