Springfield Woman Demands Justice for Daughter's Death

By Lindsay Clein , Daniel Shedd | dshedd@kolr10.com

Published 04/16 2014 10:46PM

Updated 04/17 2014 10:41PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  A local mother is demanding justice for her daughter's death.

Kimberly Candie walked into 26 year old Jessica Conner's home Friday to find her dead on the kitchen floor.

According to court documents, Conner was stabbed to death.

KOLR10 News obtained a copy of the search warrant.  It describes a very graphic scene and says investigators believe Conner was stabbed multiple times.

Conner's mother tells KOLR10 News she was four months pregnant.

As Kimberly Candie recovers from the trauma of finding her daughter dead, she prays she finds justice for her death.

"It's a very traumatic thing to see," says Kimberly Candie.  "When you see your child laying their dead, and her eyes were like she was looking at me-- crying for help.  It was just devastating."

Wind chimes now sing outside the Springfield home that sits in the 1100 block of N. Sherman Avenue.  A quiet home now, it quickly turned into the scene of a homicide investigation Friday.

"I won't specifically go into details about what was found inside the home," says Criminal Investigation Division Commander Captain David Millsap, with the Springfield Police Department.  "But at the time we arrived, it was pretty apparent the case was going to be a homicide."

"It's traumatic for everybody," says Candie.  "I just can't believe that child of 26 got murdered, I just can't believe it."

Outside Conner's home, her mother grieves-- a tattoo of Jessica's name on her neck.  She said she's had to receive medical attention for her depression.

"She got my name on her and I got her name on  me," says Candie.  "It's something to always remember her by."

Candie discovered Jessica's body after the 26 year old's boyfriend called her to check on Conner Friday.

"When I looked at Jessie I hollered her name four times, I thought she was just laying there," says Candie.  "And I shook her, I knew she was dead-- and her eyes looked like she was calling out for me."

Candie tells KOLR10 News her daughter was four months pregnant.

"I feel like it's a double homicide now," she says.  "And I'm gonna get to the bottom of it."

Conner also leaves behind an eight year old and a dog that her mother now cherishes.

"I am lost," says Candie.  "With no mother, no father and no daughter-- so I have no one left in my family."

Police say the crime is still under investigation.  They aren't releasing much information at this time.

"We do believe there are people out there that have information that would be important to this investigation," says Captain Millsap.  "And we'd ask they call the police department with that information."

Candie is managing to push forward for her daughter.

"I am scared," she says.  "But I know who did it, so justice will be served this time.  Every way in the world, we are gonna try to catch the killer."

While Jessica's mother tells us she was pregnant, police are not releasing that information at this time-- so there is no word yet on whether this will be treated as a double-homicide.

Candie describes Jessica as always happy and smiling.  She says Jessica loved singing and spending time with family.

Springfield police say no arrests have been made, but they are questioning people.  They say there was a call history at the home.

Candie says Jessica had been a victim of domestic violence multiple times in the past.

Jessica Conner's funeral will be Monday at 1 p.m.

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