Springfield Public Schools Look to Cut Energy Costs

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Springfield Public Schools hopes to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs by working with the "Environmental Defense Fund Climate Corps", which sends an expert to look for ways to be more energy efficient.

The first thing the Corps noticed was the single-pane windows.

"During the summer they run up the AC costs and during the winter they run up the heating costs," says Leo Covis, who has been trained to find ways to be more energy efficient.

Another issue noticed was the coolers. During the summer months the coolers are just as active as during the school year. If the school systems turn off the coolers during the summer months, it could help save money.

"The district could have substantial amounts of money," says Covis. "Especially if they did this throughout the district."

Springfield Public Schools' Dave Bishop is thrilled that Covis is here to help.

"We were pretty ecstatic," says Bishop. "Part of our strategy is to redefine our energy strategy based on their observations."

Springfield Public Schools is the first district in the state to use an EDF Climate Corps Fellow, which comes with absolutely no cost.

"Staples is funding $15,000," says Bishop. "100 percent of everything."

Because the district doesn't have to spend a dime, it now can't wait to save.

"If we started with a 5-10 reduction in our energy costs, that would be huge," says Bishop. "We would be extremely pleased with that."

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