Springfield Police Need Help Finding Serial Escapee

Published 07/11 2014 07:10PM

Updated 07/11 2014 07:26PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- One Greene County Inmate has proven to be a serial escape artist. 

Springfield police are still looking for escapee Nick Gamblin. 

 Police say, now, they need help from the public in the hunt for this fugitive.

Escaped inmate Nick Gamblin is no stranger to being behind bars.
"So he was being held on assault, robbery, that type of thing." Major Kirk Manlove of the Springfield Police Department says. 

Gamblin is also well acquainted with running from police.

In 2013 he ran from the Missouri State Highway Patrol, only to be picked up again later. More recently he tried to dash from Springfield Police. 

But, Thursday night around 7 p.m. at Sherman and Division Gamblin was successful. Police searched for more than 5 hours in central Springfield into Friday morning. 

"We're very confident. We had 4 canines and each of those canines we created a team of special response team officers, those were out SWAT officers, they searched thoroughly." Manlove says
"They searched thoroughly, going door to door or at least if people were out. We were searching cellars, we were searching outbuildings, looking in cars, looking underneath cars, we're confident that he was not in that perimeter last night." Manlove says 

Manlove explained, though Gamblin was handcuffed--when he escaped managed to move the cuffs from behind his back to the front. Manlove doubts now Gamblin is still in jail garb or handcuffed. 

"I really doubt he is at this time, he probably knows somebody he could go to." Manlove says 
Manlove doesn't think he's still in the original search area. 

"If someone sees something suspicious in that area we want a call, but we don't feel like there's any danger to the public in that area. So that's why we took the perimeter down." Manlove says

But, Manlove say no one should try to confront Gamblin.

"Yeah, we consider him dangerous, he's being held on first degree assault, he's being held on first degree robbery so if someone sees him, definitely they shouldn't take any action to try to detain him, we prefer they call us." Manlove says

Manlove say even though Gamblin is likely gone from that original search area, the people there and nearby should exercise basic precautions, keeping doors locked, not answering the door if they don't know the person. 

If someone sees anything suspicious they should call police. 

Gamblin is white, 5' 6” tall and 135 pounds.

If you have any information on his whereabouts call 911.

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