Springfield Park Rangers Investigating Tree Vandalism

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.--What should be a beautiful day of family enjoyment in the park, is dampened by an act of vandalism to some of the park's trees.

Alison Gragson, who visits the park says, "I think it's quite terrible, I mean obviously it's most likely young people that have nothing better to do."

Alison Gragson and her nine month old daughter are visiting Phelps Grove Park on one of the hottest days so far this year and are already concerned about what vandalizing trees could mean for their park visits in the future.

"If there aren't any trees when it gets hotter, that's going to make it quite miserable as well," says Gragson.

Nearly a dozen broken off two year old seedlings and girdled trees are spread out over the park. Springfield-Greene County Park Board Assistant Director Miles Park is out assessing the damage.

 "All of the bark around the entire circumference of the little tree has been removed, which will absolutely kill the tree.They got too much time on their hands I suppose," says Park. 

Park rangers are investigating who's responsible for the vandalism; meanwhile Rhiannon Chickvary is another park-goer who is disappointed with what has happened. 

"It's really heartbreaking because like I told you before, I used to be the caretaker of this park so anything that happens here you know touches me deeply," says Chickvary.

Miles Park says the smaller trees are more susceptible to vandalism so the park board will bring in new trees with a larger stock that have a better chance of survival. 





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