Springfield Funeral Home Honoring Victims of 9/11

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Remembering the brave men and women whose lives were lost when terror struck the United States, this month, 15 years ago.

Klingner Cope funeral home is honoring the victims of 9/11.

Three-thousand flags are being planted to honor those killed on September 11th, 2001.

Boy scouts and other groups of kids took time out of their morning to help remember those killed in the tragedy that changed our country forever.

Jenene Dean of Klingner-Cope Community Outreach, says, "Every flag is representing a life lost and we are planting those flags with 150 excited youth from the community, a lot of these kids weren't even born when 9-11 happened so it shows their desire to understand what the country does to protect and defend us and even the ultimate cost of losing their lives"

The funeral home will be hosting a "9/11 never forget" tribute featuring a walk of remembrance.

That's planned for next Sunday at four in the afternoon.

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