Sony to Introduce “SharePlay” For PS4, Allows Game Sharing

Published 08/15 2014 09:30PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:33PM

PS4 controller image courtesy: Sony
Item: The SharePlay program promises to actually share games. The feature lets you share any game in the PS4 library with those friends who do not own it in order to play it together.  Sony says that they’re trying to recreate the experience of having friends over and playing co-op without actually having to physically do just that.

Why it Matters: Consumers are beginning to care less and less about ownership as long as they have access to the product. The concept of physically owning music, films and games is disappearing as cloud storage and streaming continue to gain momentum and find acceptance in mainstream culture. This new level of on-demand media isn’t just about temporary ownership; it is also about sharing the experience—regardless of who actually owns the product.

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