Silver Dollar City's "Time Traveler" Coaster Unveiled

BRANSON, Mo. -- Hundreds of people took a plunge Tuesday--literally.

Silver Dollar City unveiled it's long-awaited "Time Traveler" rollercoaster. The ride is the theme park's biggest attraction, ever -- with a $26-million investment.  

"That initial drop was incredible."  Emily Shafer, from the School of the Ozarks, was one of the brave people who hopped on board the coaster for the first time.

"I decided I really wanted to try this one out, even if I was a little nervous and I was not disappointed," she added.

Silver Dollar City officials say "Time Traveler"runs at over 50-miles-per-hour, has a 10-story, 90-degree vertical drop. It's highest point is 100 feet up in the air. Plus, it's the first and only coaster with a 95-foot vertical loop -- and a so-called double launch.   

Pete Herschend, co-founder of Silver Dollar City, discussed what it took to build the new ride.

"My gosh, it took two years to build the doggone thing. Two years in Germany on fabrication. Two years here, to get the site prepared and the engineering done. And then it's like a giant erector set. To put together to get all the trackage in and then the controls, and then the tracks. 

Hersched says you can't just put a ride like this on the tracks and turn it on.

"The safety engineers spent almost a month here. They just left.. going over this every conceivable scenario that you could think of that could happen," he added. 

So, what's the best part about the ride on the world's fastest, steepest, tallest, first ever spinning, looping rollercoaster? We asked an expert.   

"Well, I always get sick on roller coasters," said Branson Business owner, Nolan Fogle. "For like two hours afterward, I'm yawning, I'm sick at my stomach. I feel like I need to take a nap you know. No, I feel great I just got off." 

Herschend says they expect to see another 50-thousand visitors because of  the "Time Traveler."

"So, what does it feel like?" Mr. Herschend asked, "Huge amount of pride in all of our men and women." 

Silver Dollar City opens to the public Wednesday.  

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