Silent Protest Sweeping Across America's Colleges

Published 07/18 2014 05:02PM

Updated 07/18 2014 05:05PM

courtesy: Juhee Kwon
Item: This year alone more than 50 schools have been rocked by Title IX investigations. It’s all in response to students’ complaints that their schools have not been giving on-campus sexual assault cases the attention they deserve. While the issue has media coverage, student activists have been working to express their frustration and, perhaps, put pressure on their schools to respond differently to sexual crimes. For some of these seniors, commencement ceremonies became their final opportunity to stand up publicly for victims of sexual assault by donning the "red tape" (that they say surrounds many of these investigations) as an accessory to their graduation robes.

Why it Matters: This generation’s form of activism has been mainly staged online. With multiple iterations and attempts at real-world protests falling through the cracks due to lack of support, a new wave of non-engaged protest is emerging that is more digital than physical. Casual protest is spurring out of a lack of organization offline and the ability to integrate protest into daily routines and their everyday lives.

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