Sam Adams Pays Attention to Twitter

Published 08/15 2014 09:36PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:39PM

Item: So a guy named Bill Mueller drives to the store and buys a 12-pack of Sam Adams Beer. Gets home, finds one of the bottles broken with some weird, foreign matter floating around inside the bottle. Bill tweeted at Sam Adams, letting them know his surprise and discontent.   Proving that Sam Adams is on top of the social media game, Bill Mueller received a package in the mail a few weeks later—with a hat, a formal apology letter with an explanation of what happened and a check for the reimbursement of his 12-pack, all unsolicited. Maybe other companies should take notes.

Why it Matters: Brands are beginning to tackle damage control before the damage even happens, and the most evident examples of this are seen across social media.  As customers encounter bad service, faulty products and disappointment they’re voicing out to the general public and the brand itself. In an effort to keep small discrepancies small, they’re tackling the situations personally before consumers leverage the power of viral media.

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