Robots Sent to Mars to Print Infrastructure

Published 07/05 2014 08:15PM

Updated 07/05 2014 08:18PM image
Item: Before settlers arrive on Mars, an engineer is working under a NASA grant to make sure that the proper infrastructure is already in place. For the last two years, the University of Southern California’s Dr. Behrok Khoshnevis has been building machines that can convert Martian soil into hangars, roads, and landing pads.

Why it Matters: Using robotics to prepare for the unknown is helping to take away fear and guide us into unknown territories. As we begin to think about progress and moving forward, we’re also thinking about ways to innovate what progress means. Progress as it stands is moving forward and making a visible difference along the way. Taking into account the future of robotics, progress just may begin to mean moving forward with technology and only requiring human interception when that human touch is required to make a difference.

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