Reporter Visits Ozarks to Uncover Story of International Fugitive

Published 02/19 2012 09:32PM

Updated 02/21 2012 10:17AM

(Ozark, MO) -- The movie-like story of one of England's most famous bank heists may be nearing its close, with one of its last scenes playing out here in the Ozarks.

Edward John Maher, known as "Fast Eddie", was living, and hiding, in Ozark, according to authorities. Officers arrested the fugitive at his home.

The story is drawing in international attention.

KOLR10/KOZL met up with ITV Anglia reporter Malcolm Robertson, who traveled from England, chasing a story about the man on the run.

For two decades, what happened to "Fast Eddie" has been a mystery.

"This particular incident has huge significance for us because it was in 1993 that Eddie Maher went on the run after what seemed a very audacious crime in England," said Robertson. 

According to Robertson, back then, Edward John Maher was working as a security guard. Now, investigators suspect him of driving off with an armored car in Suffolk, England, loaded with about $1.5 million. He later abandoned the truck in Felixstowe, a seaside town on the east coast of England.

"That's what makes it very interesting. This was a small town in England where crime doesn't happen often on this scale and for a million pounds in 1993 to go missing was a big crime," Robertson said. "And then for him to avoid capture for almost 20 years and then be found in a small town like Ozark. Its a remarkable story."

Maher was using the alias Michael Maher. He worked as a cable installer, that is until police uncovered his story.

"What we came here with was a blank piece of paper really," Robertson said. "We were optimistic we would speak with family and friends or hope to speak with them but its never that simple."

The crew spoke with a neighbor who said Maher was a nice guy who fit in well. Still, the neighbor was shocked at the situation, like other residents.

"I didn't see it coming. No. It was very out of character for this area," said Robert Curran, from Ozark.

Robertson says Maher and his family moved constantly, making stops across the Midwest, eventually spending the last five years in Ozark.

"I think police were always optimistic that they would find Eddie Maher and they always said Eddie we'll be looking around and wondering whether someone would tap him on the shoulder," Robertson said.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for Western Missouri charged Maher with illegal possession of firearms.

The money has never been found.

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