Demonstration Shows Dangers of Improper Christmas Tree Care

(Springfield, MO) -- The Springfield Fire Department has a warning for all of us tonight about potential Christmas dangers that could cause a fire.

They showed a demonstration on how quickly a live Christmas tree can go up in flames.

Fire officials say make sure you are watering your live tree every day, and when the tree stop absorbing the water, it's dead and more susceptible to fire.
They say keep candles and space heaters away from your tree. Also, avoid the temptation to use your fireplace after all the gifts are unwrapped.

"Don't throw your Christmas wrapping or plastics in your fireplace," says Assistant Fire Chief Randy Villines. "We see flue fires every year from normal use of fireplaces. This is adding insult to injury because you're overheating your flue."

Villines says electrical shorts or frayed wires on Christmas tree lights can also cause problems and spark a fire in your home.

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