6 Year Old Dies When School Bus Runs Over Him

(Williamsburg, MO) -- Questions continue today at a central Missouri school district after a school bus hit a student and killed him right in front of his own home.

Investigators say 6-year old Hunter Pitt got off the bus just west of Williamsburg in Callaway County.

The bus ran over the boy as it pulled away, said the Patrol's Sgt. Paul Reinsch, "A few minutes before 4 this evening a school bus was unloading several children. A 6-year old exited the bus, and at some point in time he went under the bus and he was struck by the bus while it was leaving."

Hunter Pitt died at the scene.  

The Highway Patrol says the bus driver was 77 years old, but would not say whether the driver was cited in the collision.

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