Preview of What to Expect with Gorsuch Hearings

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- For a look at what we can expect to hear later today in Washington KOLR10's national correspondent Mark Meredith joins us from D.C.

Later today all eyes will be on Capitol Hill where President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court will face off for his first confirmation hearing.
KOLR10's Heather Lewis asks, "Mark - what kind of reception will Judge Gorsuch face later today?"

"Judge Neil Gorsuch will face a dividied and curious group of U.S. Senators," says Meredith.
"During his week long confirmation hearing, Mr. Gorsuch could be asked hundreds of questions.
But before the questions - today instead Mr. Gorsuch will lean on friends and colleagues to testify about the 49 year old's personal character, education, and career.

Judge Gorusch's is President Trump's nominee to fill the seat left vacant by the death of Antonin Scalia.
Justice Scalia died over a year ago but the seat remained vacant after Republicans refused to grant then President Obama's nominee a hearing.
For Democrats, this week may be about payback.
Several senators are still furious that the last administration's nominee never got a shot.
But Republicans are ready to roll out the red carpet.
Gorsuch is expected to make it through this weeks hearing's without too much trouble.
But in this heated political climate, issues like abortion, Russia, and campaign finance could lead to a surprise or two.

You can bet Judge Gorsuch is well prepared though.
He's had over a month to prepare and for the last several weeks he's had the chance to meet with senators one on one to smooth things over."

"Mark, Republicans have a majority in the Senate, but not by much," Lewis says.
"A Supreme Court nominee may need 60 votes to avoid a filibuster. How likely is it Judge Gorsuch will be able to get through?"

"Democrats could try to filibuster the president's nominee but so far that appears unlikely," Meredith says.
"So much of the attention on Capitol Hill seems to be focused on healthcare and an investigation into Russian hacking - it appears there could be too much to do elsewhere.
And even if Democrats decided to stop this nominee, there is an unusual procedure where Republicans could change the rules and get Gorsuch through without any Democratic support."

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