Pres. Obama Bashes Congress, Blunt Critical of KC Speech

By Missourinet

Published 07/31 2014 11:01AM

Updated 07/31 2014 11:19AM

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- President Obama lambasted Congress as being out of touch with the average American family, and calls Wednesday's House authorization for a lawsuit against him “a political stunt.”

The President’s half-hour speech Wednesday in front of a friendly audience of about 1,500 in Kansas City defended his economic policies and the forty actions he says he has had to take through executive order because Congress has refused to act on economic policies that he says would create an economy “that works for everybody.”

Obama says the economy has turned around so well that people are seeking to invest in the United States, not China, “and our lead is growing.”   But he complained that the Republican-led House of Representatives has blocked every idea that helps working families.

“The folks in Washington, sometimes they’re focused on everything but your concerns,” he told the audience.  He said special interests in Washington prefer the status quo that favors their interests .  “They’re counting on you getting cynical so you don’t vote and don’t get involved ….And the more you do that, then the more power the special interests have and the more entrenched the status quo becomes,” he said.

“You can’t afford to be cynical,” he said at the end, “Cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon.  Cynicism didn’t win women the right to vote. Cynicism did not get a Civil Rights Act signed.  Cynicism has never won a war. Cynicism has never cured a disease.  Cynicism has never started a business. Cynicism has never fed a child…You don’t have time to be cynical.”

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Missouri’s junior Senator of President Obama’s trip to Kansas City and the way the President blasted Congress.

The President ripped Congress for blocking all of his economic initiatives and called on Congress to “stop being mad all the time”  and “stop this hatin’ all the time.”

But Senator Blunt finds that kind of talk antagonistic and counterproductive.  He says he used to tell new members of the House  the new person on the other side of an argument also is well motivated but they’re just wrong in the way their argument is perceived.  But being wrong doesn’t mean somebody is bad. Blunt thinks Obama should have stayed in Washington instead of campaigning in Kansas City  against Congress.

“We need Presidential leadership. Presidential leadership matters and legislatively we don’t have the kind of leadership that helps work through difficult situations,” he says.

He says the President should be working with his party and with Blunt’s party to get things done.

(Bob Priddy, Missourinet)

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