Police Warn About "" App

BENTONVILLE, Ark.-- - Social media apps are becoming more and more popular for teenagers.

But one new app has law enforcement concerned about sexual predators gaining access to your child's private information.

In a matter of minutes anyone including sexual predators can get on the application and watch videos of people near them, gathering the information your children give out.

Detective David Undiano with the Benton County Sheriff's Office said,  "You can broadcast. You can chat. You can share videos. You can follow people. And they advertise it as a way for kids, tweens, teenagers, to be a star."

From Facebook, to Instagram to Twitter, there are now so many different ways kids can go live on social media. But the one big difference with this app? Anyone can watch and record you and there is not an age restriction.

Detective Undiano said, "Probably the most concerning thing is that it has somewhat of a geo location function. You can search for streaming videos for people located near you."

Detective Undiano  and I downloaded the app and created accounts. Teens gave us private information like their age and where they were or where they planned to go.

"You do not have to add someone for them to follow you. They can select your live stream and watch your stream and communicate with you via text," said Detective Undiano.

Being aware of what your kids are downloading is the best way to keep them safe from predators.



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