Police: "Somebody Knows Something," Public Is Key to Tyrrell Case

Published 05/05 2014 07:10PM

Updated 05/05 2014 07:23PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- The clock is ticking and Springfield Police are still searching for a suspect in the case of the Springfield couple killed in their home on South Greenbrier.

Garry Tyrell, 61, and his wife, 61-year-old Jan, were discovered in their home by their daughter on May 1.

An autopsy was conducted on the couple over the weekend, but police are being tight-lipped.

Police believe the key to this case lies with someone in the community.

Springifeld police say, especially if they don't have someone in custody or charges filed within a few days after a homicide, they need help and someone knows something.

Neighbors say the want the person caught, mostly for the family.

"Was it a robbery, a burglary?" asks Chet Baldwin, who lives across the street.

Near Gary and Jan Tyrrell's home on S. Greenbrier, neighbors have more questions than answers. Among them, are they safe?

"I don't think they'll return to the scene of the crime, whoever did it," speculated Baldwin, a retired military police officer. 

Springfield Police Department Captain Dave Millsap characterized the case like this: "We're working this and working it really hard."

Millsap says police gathered some additional clues in the last few days.

"The autopsies were completed, we also completed the crime scene over the weekend," says Millsap.

What those clues are exactly police won't say, speaking only in generalities about the autopsy.

"It gives us a chance to look at how death occurred a lot of times it gives the ability to determine a time frame in which death probably occurred," says Millsap.

And the length of time it took to process the crime scene was particularly lengthy in this case.

"It's a double homicide and we were there for two and a half days," Millsap says.  He explained that is necessary because of the complexity of the case with two homicides and because of the need for the careful gathering of physical evidence.

But, police still believe a member of the public holds the key.

"There may still be somebody out there who knows something," says Millsap. "Who has seen something, heard somebody talking about information that would be important to us."

For the time being, however, Millsap says the community shouldn't worry too much.

"To tell people in that neighborhood you need to shut the doors and lock them and never come out is just not true," he says. "At this point I would tell people that we have no indication that we have a person on some homicidal trail looking to do damage to everybody in the community. Right now, we're just digging through information trying to locate and find the person who is responsible for this double homicide." 

Several neighbors that we spoke with said while they'd like to feel safer what they want more is for the family to have justice.

"I hope they catch 'em," says Baldwin. 

If you have any information in this case, you are asked to contact the Springfield Police Department at 864-1810 or you can call Crimestoppers at 869-8477.

Tips there can be left anonymously and Crimestoppers has a reward of up to $1,000 for tips that prove to be good.

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