Police Encourage Parents to Use Child Print ID Kits

By Lindsay Clein , Chris Eidson

Published 07/24 2014 10:42PM

Updated 07/24 2014 10:54PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. --  As families head to the Ozark Empire Fair for quality time and fun this week, Springfield Police are trying to make it easier for parents to keep track of their children.

Police are encouraging parents to pick up a Child Print ID Kit at the police booth.

With the hustle and bustle and large crowds at the fair this week, it can be easy for parents to accidentally separate from their children.  That's why police are encouraging parents to go by their booth at the fair to pick up a Child Print ID Kit.  All you have to do is fill it out, then, in the event your child does disappear, you're already a few steps ahead in tracking them down.

"It's excitement," says Officer David Snider with the Springfield Police Department.  "It's the lights, it's the color." 

It's the time of year that kids always look forward to. 

"They want to go see the rides, they want to see the animals," says Officer Snider.

With all the rides, games and excitement the fair has to offer-- it can be easy for parents to separate from their children.  Filling out the Child Print ID Kit could help track them down more quickly.

The ID kits are filled with information police would need to track down a child.

"Personal and medical information, social security number, birthday, age," says Snider.  "You can put identifying marks and physical characteristics of the child.  There are times parents can lose sight in a brief second-- and in a brief second, in a crowd, you're lost."

"With as much energy as the little ones have, it can easily happen," says Heather West, who was enjoying a day at the fair with her child and husband.

The kits also include a current picture, fingerprints, a dental chart and DNA samples.

"Where you can actually take hair strands and preserve that DNA for that worst case scenario," says Officer Snider.

Just a few minutes of filling out a kit could help save your child's life.

"It just takes a little bit of time to keep them that much safer," says West.  "It's worth it."

Police aren't only giving these kits out at the fair.  People can go by and request them at any time.

Police will be out at the fair all week long on bikes, in golf carts and on foot.

If you do happen to separate from your child, you can contact the police department immediately and they'll be ready to respond, or call 911.

Police say it's important to know where you were last with your child if you do separate.

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