Plot, the On Demand Relaxation Garden Service

Published 08/15 2014 09:50PM

Updated 08/15 2014 09:53PM

courtesy: Plot
Item: Don’t have a garden but long to get away with your toes buried in grass? Plot is a new service that allows you to rent an urban green space—just book it for a two-hour stint at a time.  The service takes an urban space that would normally not be available to the public and opens it up, reservation only, to be used as a place for relaxation, meeting people, or potentially to host outdoor-friendly classes like yoga. For the pilot program, they filled the space with fake plant life so that it remains green and welcoming year round, and installed integrated technology such as sensors that react to a guest’s presence. You can book your time online. Depending on how popular this pilot program turns out to be, they may make it permanent.

Why it Matters: We know that time is a luxury for many people and they want to make the most of it. People are looking for things that force them to slow down, and that make them feel like they are living, not just getting through the day. Small luxuries such as quiet time and deep breathing in an outdoor setting, where they can disconnect from the virtual world, may help people regain their equilibrium and force them to get perspective. These types of temporary withdrawals may even be where we find kindred spirits in a “new community.”

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