Pierce City U.S.P.S. Office May Soon Close

By Linda Ong | long@kolr10.com

Published 06/06 2014 11:08PM

Updated 06/06 2014 11:13PM

Pierce City, Mo. -- The United States Postal Service office in Pierce City may soon close.

Pierce City residents were first notified of the potential closure, alongside other alternatives, through the mail-- it contained a survey asking for the public's opinion on what they think should be done to the location.

"The first thing on there says they're considering closing it so I was thinking where would we go then?" said Roger Osborne.

Like Osborne, many others living in and around Pierce City are asking this question if city's U.S.P.S. office ceases its operation.

"I live at Camp Barnabas, but this is the closest town for getting mail service and I've been there about five years so," said Osborne. "So it'll be inconvenient if we can't get mail here anymore."

Shutting down the office is among the alternatives the Postal Service is considering after financial hardship and a decreased workload. The options include keeping the office open based on the actual office workload, roadside mailbox delivery and retail and delivery service through a rural carrier, an alternative location operated by a contractor, and providing P.O. Box service through another another nearby post office.

"It would be my preference to cut back the hours-- even cut out Saturdays and go to limited hours," said Osborne. "It would be fine with me because i can get my mail 24 hours."

Osborne said if the pierce city office shuts down, he'll have to drive daily to Monett to get his mail.

"It's about twice as long and double that round trip so you blow an hour if you go there and back.

According to a U.S.P.S. spokesperson, the Pierce City office will shut down if 60-percent of the public votes to close the location, and the community will have to manage their mail from out if town.

The U.S.P.S. hopes to get public opinion to see the next course of action. U.S.P.S. representatives say the alternatives are a way to keep a small town post office, without having to close it.

"I hope that they would just limit the hours and still give me access to my post office box and I'll be happy," said Osborne.

The community is invited to come to the public meeting to discuss the issue on July 8th at the Pierce City U.S.P.S. Office at 6 pm. Local U.S.P.S. management will share the results of the survey on that day.

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