PHOTOS: Storm Damage in Stone, Taney Counties

SHELL KNOB, Mo. -- Here is some video last night of some storm damage in the area.

You can see video here of a tree as it fell on a house in Chadwick. The National Weather Service has confirmed this as an EF1 tornado.

Neighbors say that there were some moments they feared for their safety.

"There was a 5-minute period where it got a little scary and we questioned if we needed to get into the basement," resident Sam Risaliti said. "I looked out of the window and saw the trees going all over the place, and I thought that's not normal. We saw things flying off the porch and it was nerve racking for a minute."

Chadwick was not the only place that experienced storm damage overnight.

In fact there have already been five confirmed torandos with crews still out surveying damage.

Turners was labeled as an EF0.

Turners is a small community east of Springfield within Greene county and south of Strafford.

More trees were uprooted causing some damage to cars and possibly some homes.

The cleanup started there early this morning.

Severe weather in Stone and Taney counties Thursday night also left a mess for home and business owners to clean up.

In Shell Knob, two docks and at least four boats on Table Rock Lake were left in a mangled heap of trees as a result of straight line winds or a small tornado.

The National Weather Service has yet to make a ruling on the cause of the damage in Shell Knob, but it has confirmed an EF0 tornado touched down in Branson overnight.

Much of the damage there was to the roofs of businesses located just off Highway 76. However, Charlie's Steakhouse did lose part of its deck in the storm.

The Tanger outlet mall also received roof damage but it didn't impact any of the businesses the following day.

"The Camden Hotel, just up the hill from us, had some roof shingle damage and some solar panel damage. We've been picking up some of that stuff off our parking lot today," said Tanger Outlets General Manger, Jamie Whiteis.

"One of our tower features, which isn't part of a store, just part of an architecture feature, the back side of it had some damage where it was probably blow out by the wind," he said.

"Since we're getting more rain possibly today and tomorrow," Whiteis said, "We're just trying to weather [the tower] for now and fix it next week."

The National Weather Service has also confirmed and EF1 tornado, with winds exceeding 100 miles per hour, touched down in Taneyville Thursday night.

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