How to Avoid the "473 One-Ring" Phone Scam

Published 01/26 2014 09:33PM

Updated 01/26 2014 10:56PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- More people in the Ozarks are getting hit with the newest phone scam, the "473 One-Ring" scam.

The call comes from a 473 number, which is out of Grenada in the Caribbean.

People across the country have already been hit.

Our phones have been targeted by scammers for decades.

"It used to be that people would dial 900 numbers to see if they won a prize in a sweepstakes and then they'd get charged up to $9.95 a minute," BBB President and CEO Judy Mills said.

Now the 900 scam has turned into the 473 scam.

"This one is kind of a twist on that," she said.

This is how the scam works: they call your phone, but it only rings once.

The scammers hope when you see the missed call that you call the number back and that's when you get hit with the charges.

"When you dial this 473 number back then you get charged all these outlandish charges on your bill," Mills said.

"They probably have some robo-dialer in there where they just dial number after number after number," she said.

Mills said society has become more and more susceptible to scams like this one.

"We've become so accustomed to our technology that sometimes we just automatically trust it and things happen," she said.

She cautions everyone to be on alert and know that scams are very common.

People across the country are getting hit with this one, including here in the Ozarks.

"We did get several calls in one day about this," Mills said.

Her advice, if you do see a missed call from a 473 number, "If it has that area code, do not call it back," she said.

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