PepsiCo's New Upcycled Bottle

Published 07/18 2014 04:51PM

Updated 07/18 2014 04:53PM

Item: Recently PepsiCo developed the world’s first plastic bottle made entirely from renewable and plant-sourced raw materials—and sourced them from its own food unit. With this, PepsiCo lives up to its new “Performance with Purpose” mantra and, at the same time, may have developed a sustainable business model.

Why It Matters: The Green Movement isn’t just about recycling, sustainability and transparency; there’s also n element of innovation that keeps it moving forward. Millennial engagement in Green initiatives that are centered around fun and unique experiences have a higher impact rating—and all the additional press doesn’t hurt either. As “going green” continues to mainstream, it has to reinvent itself to stay relevant, especially as our culture moves from trend to trend like a skipping needle on a record.

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