People are Happily Setting Themselves on Fire to De-Stress

Published 06/20 2014 08:27PM

Updated 06/20 2014 08:29PM

To help relieve themselves from a variety of ailments ranging from stress to infertility, the people of Fujian, China have reportedly been setting parts of themselves on fire through a complicated ritual involving ropes, herbs, plastic and of course, fire. While there is a tradition of fire in some Buddhist thought, and while self-immolation has been used as a means of protest, it appears to be an evolution to move this into pain relief. The heat reportedly creates a warm feeling for the patients that can potentially help relieve stress, among other things.

Stress is becoming such a hot button topic that people are looking for all and any methods to get rid of it. As we begin to look more into emotional fitness and emotional well being, stress is becoming more of a focused issue that everyone needs to alleviate. We say that we de-stress, but we aren’t truly making progress if we temporarily solve the issue—we’re still stressed at our core. This is where emotional fitness is coming into play, trying to solve stress at its core, instead of its pain point.

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