Passenger Speaks About the Moment When a Turkey Smashed Through her Windshield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo - A woman in the car when a wild turkey smashed her windshield says it's left her traumatized.

Pam Standfield and Vicki Wood were traveling from Seymour to Springfield on highway 60 when all of a sudden a 25-pound turkey smashed through the car's windshield.

Stanfield was partially struck in the face by the bird and shards of glass.

She happened to be looking down at her phone if not, the bird would have hit her right square in the head.

Wood was also cut by flying glass and recalls the crash sounding like a shotgun blast went off which blew out the windshield.

Standfield says she got hit so hard it knocked her out.

"Since it had busted my windshield, I had glass all in my eyes, in my lips, all in my ears.And I had a busted, I had to get stitches below my eyebrow.  And a had a concussion," says Standfield.

Standfield had to wear a neck brace for a short time after the crash.  She says she's still in recovery but knows her injuries could have been much worse.

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