Ozarks Legislators Vote No on Debt Deal

By KOLR10 News

Published 10/17 2013 03:42AM

Updated 10/17 2013 03:44AM

WASHINGTON, DC --The three members of Congress who represent southwest Missourians all voted against the Senate budget and debt deal Wednesday.

Reps. Billy Long, Vicky Hartzler and Jason Smith, all Republicans, issued the following statements on the deal:

U.S. Rep. Billy Long (R-MO-07 issued the following statement after voting no on legislation to increase the nation’s debt limit:
“Simply raising the debt limit is not the answer to fixing our nation’s fiscal mess.  We need to look at the drivers of our spending so vital programs will be available for today’s seniors and for our children and grandchildren.  Americans are demanding that our government has an open and honest conversation with them about addressing the drivers of our debt and spending.”

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO-04) has released the following statement regarding her no vote on the Senate CR deal:
“This deal provides no relief from the onerous impacts of Obamacare and gives a blank check to the Administration without addressing our debt or deficit. I could not in good faith support a plan that continues to hurt Americans through its unfair health insurance mandates and raises America’s credit card limit while failing to relieve future generations of our enormous burden of debt. Washington cannot continue to ignore the burden it is placing on our citizens, children and grandchildren.”
Congresswoman Hartzler serves on the House Budget, Armed Services, and Agriculture Committees.

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO-08) issued a statement prior to the vote, saying he intended to vote against the Senate deal.  While I support ending the shutdown, I cannot support this legislation. Folks in Washington need to understand what families in Missouri already know, America has a serious spending problem. Only in Washington would the solution to a $16.7 trillion national debt be an increase in our borrowing limit. It’s time to cut up the credit cards and start living within our financial means,” Smith said in the statement.

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