Fair Animals Keep Cool Despite Hottest Temps of the Year

By Chris Eidson

Published 07/27 2014 10:57PM

Updated 07/27 2014 11:00PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- This weekend we experienced the highest temps of the year so far, which made fair-going quite a hot affair.

On a sweltering day at the fair, we can drink and splash our way to comfort, but over at the cattle barn, the four legged fair-goers aren't so lucky.

Aside from mooing, the whirr of fans is heard throughout the barn.

"We have fans we keep out here most of the time, if it gets really hot we'll put misters on them," Cattle Owner Nick Andrews said.

Andrews has shown cattle at the fair nearly his whole life.

He said in July, heat is part of the deal.

"It's a pain but it's part of it," he said.

He said besides fans, there are other ways to make sure the animals are comfortable and safe.

"Wash them occasionally to keep them cool, rinse them off," Andrews said.

And next door it's the same story for the goats.

Except unlike the thousand pound cattle, these guys are a little better equipped to deal with this weather.

Goats like this one are bred for the heat.

They have all the wrinkles in their skin which help them disperse the heat and maintain a lower body temperature on hot days like this one.

"And also they have really Roman noses and that cools their airway," Owner Megan Leady said.

She said it's all about the background of the breed.

This breed of goat originates from South Africa.

"They are built for the heat," she said.

So even though this goat can't hop on a log ride, he and his friends are still managing to stay cool.

Many of those animals are heading home in the next few days after being shown in competition.

The fair itself doesn't wrap up until August 2.

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