Organization Fighting to Protect Missourians Wallets

SPRINGFIELD, Mo.-- "Missourians for Fair Taxation" wants to protect your pocketbooks with an amendment on the ballot this November.
The taxpayer protection amendment will show up on the ballot as Constitution Amendment Four. It would prohibit the government from adding sales tax on services used daily.
For example day care, rent, health care, or tutoring. Personal services like haircuts, manicures, dry cleaning, and car repairs. Professional services including banking, accounting, real estate, and home services such as construction, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning as well as lawn care.
"I don't see a point in paying a sales tax on that," said Sean Martin,a concerned citizen.
Currently, Missourians don't pay sales taxes on services so the government won't be losing money but if voters don't 'vote yes' on the November ballot for amendment four then they could pay those taxes in the future.
"Sales taxes in Missouri already top 10 percent in many areas. We pay a lot of different taxes income tax, property tax, personal property tax, you pay state, county and sales taxes on goods," said Scott Charton with Missourians for Fair Taxation.
Charton said the taxpayer protection amendment is a preventative measure to protect your pocketbooks from a real threat.
"New sales tax services have been proposed in the past seven Missouri legislative sessions," Charton said.
He said it's already imposed in other states and has been discussed in neighboring states.
"Right now you pay a sales tax on the part for a car that is being repaired but with a sales tax on services we're trying to prevent you would actually pay for a service for the mechanic to install it," said Charton.
"I don't really see a point in paying the tax on the labor. I wouldn't. I'm already paying more for the part than I should," said Martin.
Martin is concerned how a service sales tax would affect businesses, and would hit people who are least able to afford it the hardest.
"That could even cause a place to crash, close down and shut their doors," Martin said.

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