Only in June: The Lavender Falls Farm

CLEVER, Mo. -- As we've reminded you a couple of times this week, Summer is officially underway.

Which means, it's peak time to catch a glimpse, and enjoy the smell of lavender blossoming.

You can do that in Clever, Missouri at the Lavender Falls Farm.

Co-owner of the farm, Catherine Bersted quotes:

"Welcome to our farm!"

"Lavender has had a demand, we did not know how it will go over in this area and it has grown great with our location."

"We started planting lavender three years ago, and we started with 760 plants now we have 4200, and we're getting ready to plant 10,000 more this next spring."

"We're hoping to give an experience."

"So you come out, you drive a little ways out in Stone County and you unwind."

"It's for people to come and reconnect with their families and enjoy a difference experience in the Ozarks."

"Use the spring to run our distillery to do lavender oil."

"So, we distill our pure lavender oil that goes into all of our products out here on the farm."

"People in the community they hear about us and they come out they have no idea of what to expect, and there's a lot of interest and supprt form the community of wanting us to expand and feedback of what they're expecting. The positive recations of people coming out with their kids, dogs, and they sit and relax, they're wanting to have this family expeirence learning something new and trying new things."

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