Oliver's Ozarks: The Quilted Cow

By David Oliver | doliver@kolr10.com

Published 07/09 2014 08:28PM

Updated 07/10 2014 04:18AM

CAPE FAIR, Mo. -- People travel to the Ozarks from all corners of the country for a variety of reasons; the great outdoors, music in Branson, unique eateries, and even quilting.

Turns out that is the case thanks to a crafty corner in Cape Fair.

“Our husbands all thought we were nuts for getting into this but we were doing it for fun,” says Jennifer Todd.

That fun centers on the sounds of stitching at the Quilted Cow.

“I spent a lot of time here and my husband said I guess we'll have to forward your mail,” says Inez Risner, owner of the Quilted Cow with Todd.

The shop opened four years ago as a way for these ladies to share their love of quilting with others.

They couldn't afford building space in Branson, so they opted for a corner in Cape Fair, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

“We opened up with 900 square feet and decided let's have a clubhouse,” says Todd. “You know a place to sew and hang out with friends. And we're on 76 and people are coming from Texas and Oklahoma and everywhere, just driving by here to go to Branson.”

Todd says the popularity of the Quilted Cow has doubled each year. They have 6,000 followers on Facebook.

“Locals are so curious as to what we are doing here when all the cars are all around the building,” says Risner.

When the ladies aren't patching a project together, they sell fabric and tools to help quilters with their craft. And they teach the skill to those who have a dream to give it a try.

“Everybody has the same reaction when they walk in,” says Todd. “They are shocked to find such a nice shop in the middle of nowhere.”

One thing the women at the Quilted Cow are always happy to talk about is what it takes to make a quilt.

“The love that it took to make it,” says Risner. “You have to love every quilt that you make otherwise you shouldn't even be doing it.”

And for those who haven't tried quilting before, the ladies invite you to stop by their out of the way place and take a stab at this age old form of art.

“I think once they try it they're hooked,” says Risner. “Hooked, so to speak.”

The ladies at the Quilted Cow do a lot of charity work giving materials and quilts to people who've lost a loved one ir those who are fighting a life-threatening illness like cancer. They call those their comfort quilts.

In case you're curious about the name of the business, Todd moved to the Ozarks from Florida and she was amazed by all the cows she saw. So when the ladies were throwing names in the hat to consider, she threw in "The Quilted Cow."

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