Oliver's Ozarks: Hillbilly Glass Shack

By David Oliver | doliver@kolr10.com

Published 02/26 2014 07:42PM

Updated 02/27 2014 04:41AM

OAK GROVE, Ark. -- About a month ago, I was on my way to Berryville, Ark. for an Oliver’s Ozarks report when my photographer and I passed another place we just had to check out.

It's right across the border in Oak Grove and it features a talented artisan. Just don't blink or you might miss it.

“I mean, what’s much better than to come to work and play with fire?” laughs Kay Jones. “How many people can say that?”

Jones can. She's a glass blower that spends hours each day behind the glow of a flame, turning out everything from dogs to deer to dolphins.

“My mom was a glass blower, so I learned from her,” says Jones. “She taught me the basics.”

Jones just started selling her wares about a year ago out of her new shop in Oak Grove.

Her shop gets passing drivers to turn around. She works in a shack.

“It's small but great things come in small packages,” says Jones.

It's called the Hillbilly Glass Shack.

“It's small, but that's the thing,” says Jones. “People that come here are not looking for me. I have people stop in the middle of the road and take pictures.”

Jones and her husband bought this old hunting cabin online and moved it to its corner in Oak Grove.

She says it's just the right size and the location couldn't be better.

“This is a great spot between Branson and Eureka Springs,” says Jones. “Cosmic Cavern isn't too far so I get a lot of that traffic.”

Jones jokes that her shop can hold ten people at a time as long as nobody turns around.

Despite its tiny size, Jones thinks her glass shack is leaving a big mark in Oak Grove and she plans to keep lighting that fire for years to come.

“I plan on being here for awhile,” says Jones. “I have people wanting me to come to Eureka Springs or come to Branson and I don't want to do that. I’m not here to make a fortune. I really love making glass art.”

Jones keeps a guest book in her little shop and in just one year she's had visitors from as far away as Japan and South Africa.

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