Nurse Cleared of Moral Turpitude Charge

PIERCE CITY, Mo -- Her home was raided after her husband grew medical marijuana in their basement to deal with his glaucoma.

Dolores Halbin and her husband, Gene, took matters into their own hands to treat his glaucoma. 

"In March 2014, my husband was growing cannabis in our basement to treat his own glaucoma, and the Missouri Drug Task Force raided our home," Halbin says. 

Gene lost an eye to the disease in 2007, and was using marijuana to cope with the pain. 

"He went through every known treatment. 5 pharmaceutical eye drops, pills, and 7 microsurgeries," Halbin explains.  

Then he turned to marijuana.

"He tried it and it worked instantly." 

Halbin knew the risks of resorting to marijuana since it is illegal in the state of Missouri. 

"Of course I was afraid, but I was more afraid of going into the black market," she said. 

The bad news did not stop after the raid. 

"The mail lady pulled in later on with a registered letter from the state board of nursing. In that letter, I was charged with moral turpitude," she says. 
While she was in jeopardy of losing her career, she lost something even more important to her: Gene. 

"On Thanksgiving of 2015, he died at home, in our bed with my head on his chest," Halbin said. "After 40 years, I felt his last heartbeat, and his last breath." 

After being in and out of courtrooms for the last three years, she finally had the charges dropped, but she has doubts about the board after all she went through. 

"Do I really want to go in and swear loyalty to an organization that denies science?" 

Dolores Halbin is an advocate for the use of medical marijuana. 

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