Norwood Area Family Loses Home

NORWOOD, Mo. - Near Norwood, one family lost their home.

Luckily, no one was there when a tornado tore through the area, destroying much of what was in its path. 

KOLR10 spoke with homeowner Jack Chadwell who showed us what was once his home and he says they will rebuild.     

"I'm sure that house just blew up when it hit it," Chadwell said. "This truck was sitting to my left about 30 to 40 feet. It was headed south and that tornado picked it up turned it around and threw it down here on its side. You look at a warning and you think it will never happen to me. It happens to everyone else but would never happen to me. But sometimes it comes home to me. 

"This is the bathroom. This is the bedroom right here to your left. And this is another bedroom right here. I think everything is destroyed. We got a few things out of the cabinet but all the stuff in there is destroyed. What the tornado didn't take the rain came in last night. 

"We've got good neighbors and friends. It's a good community to live in and the support of the people living in this community. We've had many people want to come by and help us clean up. So we'll get through it. The people are close knit and we love each other and it's great to have friends like that. 

"We'll probably build back. We'll probably build back but it will take a long time. This was the fireplace over there. This was the living quarters. The kitchen was over there. My heavenly father, he always comforts us in time of trouble and I'm thankful for that. If I would have been there I think my life mine and her lives would have been taken. 

"You couldn't possibly look at this and not be amazed at the power of that storm. We're glad to be alive. And things could be worse."

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