Gov. Nixon Invited to Branson to Discuss Tax Break Vetoes

By Grant Sloan |

Published 07/15 2014 07:03PM

Updated 07/15 2014 07:13PM

BRANSON, Mo. -- Governor Jay  Nixon stopped in the Ozarks to discuss his vetoing of tax breaks approved in the State House and Senate.

While it’s believed that law makers will attempt to overturn the vetoes in September, Governor Nixon says the "Friday Favors," will only benefit a select few.

"I think members weren't fully aware, as these [bills] stacked up, how much money was involved," says Nixon, "We think this summer provides us an opportunity to educate the public."

Nixon's stop in the Branson area is just one of many he has already made across the state, but his message remains the same: the tax breaks passed for restaurants, power companies, commercial dry cleaners, and date centers, will only take away money from local governing bodies.

"For roads, for parks, for mental health, children services, things of that nature," says Nixon.

Nixon's office says the tax breaks would take roughly $350 million away at the local level, state wide, each year.

Republic Representative Eric Burlison says that number is highly exaggerated.

"The Governor's calling that a tax cut, I don't believe we're cutting any taxes," says Burlison. "We're simply showing the department, making it clear, that the current way wasn't the way it was intended."

Republican Representative Burlison says Nixon is keeping the state from creating jobs, especially with the veto of the so called "Data Center Bill."

"This is something that would put Missouri on the map, for other high tech companies to look at. That bill would cost $108 million a year," says Governor Nixon, "And would say businesses that do anything with data is basically sales tax free, and that's not the targeted intention."

"Right now Missouri ranks 47 in overall GDP growth," says Representative Burlison, "What we're doing is not working."

Greene County commissioners held a study session on the issue, at the same times as the Governor's meeting in Branson.

Commissioners says according to the "General Assembly's Staff on Legislative Oversight" Greene County stands to lose over $3 million if the tax breaks take effect; however, they say that is roughly half of what the Governor's Office estimated.

Greene County Commissioners also say if the vetoes are overturned, they're worried Governor Nixon could potentially withhold funds from local governing bodies to help balance the budget.

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