New Trend of Upcycling Good for Earth and Wallet

Published 04/22 2014 08:16PM

Updated 04/22 2014 10:23PM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- On Earth Day people celebrate by recycling and picking up trash, but there is a new trend in the eco-friendly movement called upcycling.

Upcycling has been done for years, but it's only with the recent do-it-yourself movement that it earned a title.

It's like recycling, but the goal is making the item even better than it was before.

The saying one person's trash is another's treasure has never been more true in this age of upcycling.

"It's definitely a trend," A Cricket in the House Co-Owner Cricket Fries said, "I think we tend to save a lot of things from going to the landfill just by finding things and fixing them and giving them new life."

Fries sells items that were headed to the landfill, but rescued and upcycled.

From forks and mason jars, fries said you can upcycle pretty much anything.

"Old doors and old knobs and all types of things that you just find in the garage," she said.

And this trend has even created a new generation of do-it-yourself fans.

"Even guys will come in with their phones and say I saw this on Pinterest and I want to try to recreate it," she said.

"There's been more people that come in that have never done it before," FM Stores Sales Associate Alicia Dill said.

Dill sells fabric to those looking to give new life to their old furnishings.

She said it gives people a pride of ownership and is eco-friendly.

"Instead of going out and buying new things," she said, "There's less stuff in the landfills this way."

Turning that trash into new treasure, one yard at a time.

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