New EPA Impacting Utility Companies in the Ozarks

By Brett Martin |

Published 08/18 2014 06:10AM

Updated 08/18 2014 07:25AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- Springfield is home to one of the newest and cleanest coal power plants, John Twitty Energy Center. New proposed regulations from the EPA call for new procedures.

Scott Miller is the general manager for City Utilities.

"We are going to be spending just shy of 35 million on environmental equipment."

The regulations enforce less pollution in the air. Older power plants can hurt the environment. Barbara Lucks is a city of Springfield's Sustainability Officer.

"Pollution generally is a cause by inefficient operations of some kind, of some kind of engine."

"When we add this new equipment in 2016, we will be down 93 percent from what our emissions were in 1980."

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says the EPA's regulations will create higher utilities bills and push companies to other countries.

"The jobs we lose as a result of rules that don't make sense go to some country that cares a whole lot less about what comes out of a smoke stack than we do," says Blunt.

Blunt says the act has no positive impact to the environment.

"Nobody wants dirty air, nobody wants dirty water. Everybody wants clean air and clean water but there is a point where regulations have to make sense."

Blunt says the cost does not balance the changes.

"There is a point that when the benefit doesn't justify the cost."

Lucks says people of the Ozarks put a high quality on the environment so its nothing new to them.

"It is going to cost money but as usual, its a balance. If we want clean air, is it the air with breath, is it important, we think it is," says Lucks.

Miller says City Utilities is a municipal company, owned by the people, and they are the ones paying for the changes.

"Our owners are our customers so when we spend money, it impacts them," Miller says.

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